What We Offer

Our services suit if you are selling and preparing the property for marketing, or if you are simply wanting ideas on beautifying your home for your own enjoyment.

First Impressionz is Canterbury based and a member of our team are delighted to come and discuss your home dressing needs. 

Should you be selling your property we can offer partial hire to full home staging packages, de-clutter assistance and home clean-up services to ensure your property is looking at its best 

In addition, we specialise in  assisting you to optimise storage and flow within your home, and provide personal home shopping if you would like to enhance your home at a level you can afford.

Services We Provide

Home Consult

Our ’Home Consult’ package is designed to offer a thorough consultation with you in your home to discuss your needs moving forward. This package is suitable for homeowners wanting to sell their property and who require information and advice on how to best present their home for market and/or how to sell through an agent. Alternatively, homeowners who wish to make improvements to their home in its presentation through décor and design of layout of the available space for their own enjoyment.

Home Staging

All home staging packages provide partial to complete furnishings and accessories to enhance the home in preparation to going to market.  We complete all sized homes from 1 bedroom to 6+ bedrooms. Each package is for a maximum of 5 weeks hire unless a further extension is required.

All home staging packages include GST and must be paid on invoice within 48 hours prior to delivery date. All prices include transportation, furniture hireage, set up and removal.

First Impressionz is happy to work in with your chosen real estate agent for the placement of staging prior to photos, any additional changes to the contract as required, and to discuss the potential target market of your property.

Personal Shopping

Personal shopping either with or without the homeowner, with a set budget to spend. We can assist you to purchase items to style your home whether you are wanting to present your home more attractively for marketing, or for your own personal living pleasure. Enhance what you already have in your home and add personality and style. This is an opportunity for you to purchase (and not just hire) items for the home that are yours to take with you when you sell.

Clean Up Duty

Home ‘Clean up Duty’ can be arranged in preparation for the property sale and prior to the marketing photographs. This can also be arranged prior to open home schedules. An ideal service for those that are still living within the home whilst on the market.


The ‘De-clutter’ service includes sorting and packing in preparation for the property sale and marketing photographs. It is also a beneficial service for those wanting to create tidy and organised spaces within their home.  This can include organisation of the kitchen, pantry, hall cupboard, laundry, wardrobes/drawers etc.