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First Impressionz

Complete home staging service for the Canterbury area, with great advice and support to style your home.

Why First Impressionz?

The first impression a buyer has of your property is the most important, and the most remembered.  Selling your home is a competitive business, so it is imperative to put your best effort into being well informed, and having key support people working on your behalf to ensure you are attracting the buyer that simply must buy your home.

· If you have an empty house to sell, or want to style your home without purchasing new items, we offer partial hire to full home staging packages.

· Need help choosing a real estate agent? We work closely with, and can recommend real estate agents most suitable to selling your home.

· Wanting to style or update your home but do not know where to start or have limited or no time to look around shops? We can take you shopping to find the best bargains in the shortest time or do the shopping for you.

· Too busy to clean your home to get it ready for sale? – let us do it for you

· We can help de-clutter your home to make it more attractive, and to make moving easier if you are selling.